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Action Projects
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Citizen science in your classroom and community.

Let's Talk Science offers a variety of citizen science and data collection projects. Our action projects allow students and teachers to experience the thrill of discovery with real-world science projects that have no "right or wrong" answer, no prescribed outcome, and contribute to a national database for further use in the scientific community. Here we have three projects aimed at engaging students in real life science connected to Space! Educator resources are available to support the delivery of these projects in the classroom.

Living Space

How do you think your Living Space on Earth compares to that of the International Space Station? Let's Talk Science has partnered with the Canadian Space Agency to help students explore how environmental conditions such as carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature influence human health.

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Living Space

RaDI-N2 & You

How does neutron radiation affect people on Earth and on the International Space Station? One of the biggest concerns for keeping humans safe in space is managing and understanding the effects of increased exposure to potentially dangerous neutron radiation. At the core of this project, students will learn how to measure the radiation they are exposed to on Earth and compare it with the radiation recorded by Canadian astronauts on the International Space Station using the same innovative technology.

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radi-n2_and_you.jpg Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/E. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin)


Tomatosphere™ uses the excitement of space exploration to teach the skills and processes of scientific experimentation and inquiry to students at every grade level. Participants compare the germination rate of two sets of tomato seeds - one set which has traveled to the International Space Station or been exposed to space-like conditions, and the second control set, which stayed on earth.

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Bob and seeds Courtesy of CSA