The Solar System


The Solar System

Learn about the steps which physics took to get to where we are now... string theory.

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This video shows a reconstruction of the Antikythera mechanism, a 2000 year old astronomical computer!

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Although we often hear Mars is quite similar to Earth, it's also radically different. These differences will provide some serious challenges for landing a human mission there and sustaining life, challenges which are covered among these facts on Mars.(9:14 min.)


In February 2013, a stunning sight in the sky over Russia made international headlines. The light of an asteroid hurtling toward Earth was brighter than the sun.

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What happened in the skies over Siberia on June 30, 1908? This video shows what the site looked like on the 100th anniversary of the mysterious explosion, which scientists think was caused by an asteroid or comet entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Ever wonder what real life aliens would look like? Check out some theories with Morgan Freeman!

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Chris Hadfield talks about how living in space changed his perception of humans, the Earth, how we impact the Earth, and our place in the Solar System.

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It's been 40 years since Apollo astronauts Gene Cernan & Jack Schmitt walked on the surface of the Moon. Author Andrew Chaikin created this video to reflect upon Apollo 17's importance, & look at how we could go back to the Moon.

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This video explores the asteroid blast over Siberia in 1908 known as the Tunguska Event. See what the site looked like when the first scientists arrived to study the effects of the blast.

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To celebrate Asteroid Day, we’re highlighting some resources on CurioCity that can help you learn more about asteroids.

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