The Solar System


The Solar System

The quest for life beyond Earth is a multi-century rollercoaster that’s captured our imaginations, raised our hopes, dashed those hopes, and then raised them again. Learn more in this Sky Science backgrounder.

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Late last week, Let’s Talk Science asked Astronaut Hadfield what the current project results mean for him and other astronauts.

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Learn the various ways that we explore Space around us through this Sky Science backgrounders

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Learn about the many pieces that make up our solar system in this Sky Science backgrounder

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Meet Catherine and learn about the cool things she does on a daily basis at the Algonquin Radio Observatory. (2:14 min.)

Learn More about Being a space engineer at the Algonquin radio observatory

You have probably heard the saying 'once in a blue moon' which refers to something being rare, or heard the Elvis song "Blue Moon", but you may not have known exactly what a blue moon

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A landmark day for Einstein and our understanding of the universe: the detection of gravitational waves. Brian Greene explains the discovery. (3:10 min.)

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Astrophysicist Brian May (who also happens to be lead guitarist for the rock band Queen) talks about Asteroid Day (June 30), an event designed to raise awareness of the threat to Earth from asteroids. Learn more at

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Cosmic radiation poses a real danger to astronauts in space, but what about passengers and crew on board airliners?

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This timeline marks significant events in the history of Canadian aerospace and its impact on Canadian society.

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