Public Safety


Public Safety

Cosmic radiation poses a real danger to astronauts in space, but what about passengers and crew on board airliners?

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This backgrounder discusses the factors that affect the amount of cosmic radiation people receive on long-distance flights.

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Bill Nye explains the threats that different sizes of asteroids can pose to life on Earth, how we can detect them, and ways that we can protect Earth from those asteroids. (7:07 min.) Learn more about asteroids at

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In this case study, students will analyze video and print resources to explore the characteristics and potential effects of near-space objects in our solar system on the Earth.

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This video from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) explores the sources of natural and human-produced radiation in our environment as well as the role that the CNSC plays in protecting Canadians through regulation of sources of radiation. (6:34 min.)

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What are the chances of an asteroid hitting Earth & wiping out all life on the planet? It turns out to be better than zero, so NASA is thinking about ways to protect us from a killer asteroid with the help of an underwater research station.

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