This video shows a reconstruction of the Antikythera mechanism, a 2000 year old astronomical computer!

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Jan Cami teaches and researches about his passion – astronomy!

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How do you think your Living Space on Earth compares to that of the International Space Station? Let's Talk Science has partnered with the Canadian Space Agency to help students explore how environmental conditions such as carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature influence human health.

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In this action project, students from across Canada will develop computational thinking skills as they investigate, with CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques, how one's indoor environment affects people's health and well-being both on Earth and in space. Coming soon!

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An awesome computer animation shows how NASA plans to land their latest space vehicle on the surface of Mars.

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Rob specializes in developing high-performance computers and software to search for near-Earth asteroids!

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Most people wouldn’t guess that rocket scientists sometimes fail to catch silly mistakes, especially because it matters. But they do, and have lost machines that cost more than your average Hollywood blockbuster.

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