Space Weather


Space Weather

There's a lot of talk these days about when and how we might all move to Mars. But what would it actually be like to live there? (4:29 min.)

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Learn about the electromagnetic field of the Earth and what it means to us in this Backgrounder.

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Neutron radiation is a serious hazard and challenge for human space exploration. Chris Hadfield explains about the RADI-N2 experiment.

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Two of NASA's Voyageur probes find some foamy magnetic bubbles near the end of the sun rays. Turns out they protect us from cosmic rays. Learn more.

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Solar storms are known mainly for their beautiful effect on Arctic skies, but there is more to them than a beautiful sky. Find out now!

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The Planetary Society is testing a propulsion method called solar sailing that could help CubeSats maneuver in Earth orbit and reach interplanetary destinations.

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CBC’s documentary series, The Nature of Things visited our RaDI-N2 & You project downlink with Commander Hadfield at Bert Church High School.

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