The Solar System


The Solar System

Learn about the many pieces that make up our solar system in this Sky Science backgrounder

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This backgrounder explains the difference between planets, dwarf planets and small solar system bodies.

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In this case study, students will analyze video and print resources to explore the characteristics and potential effects of near-space objects in our solar system on the Earth.

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Join Paxi on a journey through our Solar System, from the rocky inner planets close to the Sun, past the giant planets to the freezing edge, the home of comets. (5:18 min.)

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New definition of 'planet' sets Pluto in a new scene.

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Scientists have found thousands of planets that orbit other stars, just like Earth orbits the Sun. Some of them might even be able to support life.

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Most planets have several moons, and many of these moons have fascinating characteristics.

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When Pluto was discovered in 1930, it became the ninth planet in our solar system. Find out why the International Astronomical Union "demoted” Pluto in 2006.

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