Cosmic Rays


Cosmic Rays

Late last week, Let’s Talk Science asked Astronaut Hadfield what the current project results mean for him and other astronauts.

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Cosmic radiation poses a real danger to astronauts in space, but what about passengers and crew on board airliners?

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This backgrounder has information about both cosmic & neutron radiation.

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This backgrounder discusses the factors that affect the amount of cosmic radiation people receive on long-distance flights.

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Oh My God!...particles from outer space!

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This video from the European Space Agency looks at the dangers posed by asteroids, space debris, and cosmic radiation to life on Earth, as well as what we can do to monitor and protect from these threats.

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On March 11th, Let’s Talk Science hosted a live video chat with Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield at Bert Church High School.

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Veronica Bindi explains what cosmic rays are, and how they transmit information about our universe from the great beyond.

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Learn about RADI-N2, from the CSA experiment on the ISS to our Action Project here on Earth!

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