This backgrounder has information about both cosmic & neutron radiation.

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This backgrounder discusses the factors that affect the amount of cosmic radiation people receive on long-distance flights.

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Veronica Bindi explains what cosmic rays are, and how they transmit information about our universe from the great beyond.

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Long before Curiosity landed on Mars, it began doing scientific research, measuring cosmic radiation during its 8-month long flight. Understanding this radiation is a key to sending humans to Mars.

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This video from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) explores the sources of natural and human-produced radiation in our environment as well as the role that the CNSC plays in protecting Canadians through regulation of sources of radiation. (6:34 min.)

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How does neutron radiation affect people on Earth and on the International Space Station? One of the biggest concerns for keeping humans safe in space is managing and understanding the effects of increased exposure to potentially dangerous neutron radiation. At the core of this project, students will learn how to measure the radiation they are exposed to on Earth and compare it with the radiation recorded by Canadian astronauts on the International Space Station using the same innovative technology.

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Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield talks about the RADI-N2 project.

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One of the experiments that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was responsible for during his stay on the International Space Station from December 2012 until May 2013 was RaDI-N2. This experiment measures astronauts’ exposure to potentially dangerous neutron radiation using innovative Canadian technology. CurioCity, in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency, developed the RaDI-N2 & You Action Project to engage Canadian classrooms in a similar experiment.

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This Featured Topic has resources on many different aspects of radiation, from the types of radiation we are exposed to naturally on Earth to the radiation astronauts experience in space.

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