It's been 40 years since Apollo astronauts Gene Cernan & Jack Schmitt walked on the surface of the Moon. Author Andrew Chaikin created this video to reflect upon Apollo 17's importance, & look at how we could go back to the Moon.

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This video explores the asteroid blast over Siberia in 1908 known as the Tunguska Event. See what the site looked like when the first scientists arrived to study the effects of the blast.

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You thought triathlons on earth were difficult? See NASA Astronaut Suni Williams train to do one - in space!

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On Monday, August 10, 2015, astronauts onboard the International Space Station became the first humans to ever eat space-grown food.

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Meet Catherine and learn about the cool things she does on a daily basis at the Algonquin Radio Observatory. (2:14 min.)

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What's a black hole and what's the big deal about them? Learn about our amazing universe and its "darkest" secrets in this video.

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You have probably heard the saying 'once in a blue moon' which refers to something being rare, or heard the Elvis song "Blue Moon", but you may not have known exactly what a blue moon

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A landmark day for Einstein and our understanding of the universe: the detection of gravitational waves. Brian Greene explains the discovery. (3:10 min.)

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Astrophysicist Brian May (who also happens to be lead guitarist for the rock band Queen) talks about Asteroid Day (June 30), an event designed to raise awareness of the threat to Earth from asteroids. Learn more at

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Cosmic radiation poses a real danger to astronauts in space, but what about passengers and crew on board airliners?

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